Raise an Axe for Kids’ Sake event scheduled for April 25 has been canceled. As recommended by the CDC, we are following social distancing guidelines for the safety of our guests, staff, Bigs and Littles.

We want to be respectful and delicate at this time, so if you have already committed to participating, we ask that you consider shifting your planned investment to the operational support that we need. 

Our Littles often face societal barriers, opportunity gaps and adversities including poverty and identity-based discrimination in their communities. Facing these barriers together with their Big builds confidence and resilience through a positive relationship. At a time of social distancing, we are committed to providing innovative and creative support of our Bigs and Littles, through video chat, phone calls, emails, text messaging  and other technology enabled engagement tools. Your investment can play a critical role in keeping these Bigs and Littles connected during these trying times.
We are still very hopeful about growing the Big Heroes first responder mentoring initiative and plan to revisit this in the near future. We hope at that time we can continue our conversations and your potential partnership.


Call 618.239.4078 or email [email protected]